Freshers Fair: worth getting out of bed for

by Thorrun you can find me here

It’s freshers week and if you haven’t been heavy drinking, dirty dancing and indulging in hedonism, what have you been up to?!?

Freshers Fair: a highlight but perhaps one that won’t last too long in your memory – freshers week often brings with it mass alcohol consumption.

Let’s face it, in pure and simple terms, freshers fair is generally half-full of sweaty, inebriated first years on the prowl for freebies. But you can’t help butlove-freebies love it! If you use it to your advantage, you could come away from freshers fair with a bag full of chocolate and a saviour for your liver.

Whether it be the hockey society, the football society or, for the less athletic, the geek society (not sure how PC that name is), the fair could be your making. With a vast array of stalls trying to persuade you to donate, join or jump out of a plane even! there is bound to be something that suits you.

Even if you don’t find your forte at the fair this could be the ideal to chat to the cute rower you saw earlier around campus. The fair is the ideal time to meet new people and to compare goodies with old friends later. Enjoy it while it lasts – it’s one of  the few events at uni that you don’t have to attend but will most certainly regret missing out on. I wish I could say the same about lectures! 😛

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