If Carlsberg did Student Loans

We’d buy:


Cave Cay private island, Bahamas

Why settle for a room with a beach-front view, when you could buy the beach – and everything attached! Not quite the Ibiza crowd but Cave Cay island in the Bahamas is sure to offer a student summer like no other. Currently up for grabs at the “let me check my last bank statement” price of $110,ooo,ooo (U.S), Cave Cay offers the lucky owner 222 acres of pure paradise.


To sweeten the deal: 118 ft. landing craft

“The luxurious main house is move-in ready and enjoys 360-degree views…”  – Private Islands Online

In addition to the main house, the island has already secured commercial planning permissions (for hotels and the like) – so there’s more than enough dossin space for your mates 🙂 Oh and you might also find your holiday neighbours are of a better ilk than the Inbetweeners lot! – Diddy, Mariah Carey, Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp and Michael Jordan are just a few of the Bahamas locals.

More info on Cave Cay island available here.


Swift141 Yacht by ADMShipyards (Abu Dhabi MAR)


Swift141 Helipad

It just seems like good sense. If you’re going to buy an island, you’re going to need a boat 😀 The Swift141 is built to accommodate 60 of your nearest and dearest, 56 crew members AND has a helipad! Only built this year, this 462 foot “super yacht” still awaits a price tag – it’s currently ranked no.6 in the Superyachts.com ‘Largest Yachts for 2011‘ list, so we can imagine it’ll be A LOT.

For the nautical types, here’s the Swift141’s full spec


Aqua Star AS-2 Underwater Scooter

A little something to go with the yacht 🙂 For $15,900 (U.S), you can sample Aqua Star’s latest attempt at “the world’s best underwater scooter”. No practical experience necessary for the AS-2 Scooter – apparently it operates just as easy a regular, road-worthy scooter. Here’s the basics:

  • seats two people at a time.
  • features an improved helmet which allows the user to have a 99% distortion-free view of the ocean.
  • Both riders are free to dismount, swim around and climb back aboard at any time.

For more info read the full write-up on the AS-2 Scooter here.

Range Rover Autobiography ‘Ultimate Edition’

First of all, SHOUT-OUT to the first official fan of this page, Graduate News (@GradJobMarket), for bringing this new listing to our attention. Good taste and worth following on Twitter.

Friends of the earth types may be grimacing in anger and typing a strongly-worded comment as they gaze at this majestic beast – to you I say, be lucky they’re only making 500 😛 To the rest of you, the majority that appreciate the unadulterated materialism of this page,  here’s what you get:

  • Two Apple iPads
  • Built-in aluminium laptop table
  • drinks chiller 
  • 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds
  • Engine options: 510bhp 5.0-litre supercharged petrol or  4.4-litre diesel with 309bhp (both V8)

The most expensive Range Rover in the manufacturer’s long history will set you back about £120,000.

Not surprising, the Top Gear website has a full run-down of the Range Rover Autobiography’s specifications: click here.


"Concept" Maybach from Jay-Z/Kanye West 'Otis' video

A cross between a Mad Max desert buggy and a Batmobile, the Frankenstein’s monster of Maybachs isn’t the most practical car – but who cares! Jay-Z and Kanye West’s latest toy is featured in their new video for ‘Otis’, the lead single off their recently released duet album Watch The Throne (#WTT for tweet-folk :-)). They’ve been criticised for this “mindless destruction” and forgetting the value of a dollar but, I say, you start banking $63 million a year (Jay-Z’s 12 month earnings for 2010) and see if half a chicken, peri chips and coleslaw from Nandos is still as satisfying. IT’S ALL RELATIVE!

A standard Maybach would set you back at about $350,000 (U.S.D). This is sure to cost A LOT more – despite it missing a roof and having some misplaced body panels (MTV has more details of the modifications). This autobot disguised as a Maybach is set for auction, in a bid to raise money for charity efforts in the east Africa region.


Gold-plated, diamond encrusted Apple iPad

No need for the techy stuff – we all know what an iPad does. Designed by Stuart Hughes – apparently a guru on all-things shiny, the gold-plated iPad made its first appearance in 2010. Here’s the fancy stuff:

  • Encrusted with 25.5 cts of ‘IF’ Flawless diamonds
  • The solid 22ct gold Apple logo houses 53 individually set diamonds
  • Rear and screen surround are made from a single piece of solid 22ct gold
  • Will set you back £130,ooo

Ferrari Superamerica 45

Image courtesy of CNET UK


Grado PS1000 Pro Series

If you must shut yourself off from the rest of the world, do it in style. Lots of technical wizardry goes in to making these. Definitely a luxury for most university students but if you’re studying sound engineering (or any other related discipline) you’ll be more justified in splashing out than the rest of us.

For more info visit Grado Labs 


Amosu Curva Diamond Blackberry

At £120,000 this is officially [currently] the MOST EXPENSIVE Blackberry Curve in the WORLD!  – Must be the 28.42 karats!! Pray your ‘Carlsberg Student Loan’ drops faaaaaaaast! – ONLY 3 TO BE MADE. Check out Amosu.co.uk for the close-ups and full specs on this diamond beauty. Let us know if you spot anything else we should add to this shopping list!


Penthouse at One Hyde Park

One Hyde Park – most expensive apartments in the world!  £136 million for the one pictured – says it all really. Apparently, you get some SAS-trained guards thrown in for that price too! This post on Lussorian.com reveals who snapped up this luxury London pad… Ooh (almost forgot) my favourite feature (fellow snackers and suffers of sweet-tooth will agree :-D) 24 hour room service from the next-door neighbours; The Mandarin Oriental!

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