Former NUS President Cashes In At £125 per hour

Erm, yeeeeaah. Bit of an awkward one 😦 We want to be happy for Aaron Porter – as we are all about students making the most out of their university experience, but this story just leaves a bitter after-taste.

Late last night, the Independent [online] reported that former NUS president,


Former NUS president, Aaron Porter

Aaron Porter, has successfully established himself as a higher education consultant – charging £125 p/hr for his time! Charlie Cooper, for The Independent, writes:

“Porter, who stood down as NUS president in June after one term in office, has advertised a rate of £8,500 for a two-week consultancy course. Most top universities will charge £9,000 per year for tuition from 2012.”

We’ve had a guess at what most of you are probably thinking but we’d actually like to hear it from you. Leave comments!

Read the full story here.

3 thoughts on “Former NUS President Cashes In At £125 per hour

    • The institutions he now lists as clients should be made to answer some tough questions – how can they justify parting with that kind of money, when many hid behind department cuts to justify tuition fee increases?!?

      • Granted that they should be questioned but at the same time what does this tell us about his moral standing. How much of a U-turn has he made from when he was a NUS president? This now brings into question what his original motives were for when he joined the NUS in the first place

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