About Us

The Lecture room is a place where boring lectures and lecturers do NOT exist!  Here we discuss everything that affects a student and graduate lifestyle. This is the one place to come to get the best updates on current affairs as well as hints and tips on how to make higher education work for YOU.

Who are the people behind the lecture room?…

Greetings all! Just a quick intro. It’s taken me a while to complete this. Surprising, considering the mammoth amount of cover letters I’ve written for job applications. I’ll try to make this a lot less formal and 100% more entertaining…

My name is Marios – not Mario, for the lazy linguists amongst you. I recently graduated with a degree in International Business; probably the best programme you can do if you’re having difficulty confining your thoughts to one discipline. During the last four years I have studied a range of business related disciplines; meaning I have been trained in the deadly art of business management, and have lived and “studied” in California!  No, I didn’t pick up the accent. The most Californian thing about me is probably my iTouch. Which iLove!. As the lifespan of this site extends I will, no doubt, reveal more trivial but somehow entertaining facts and anecdotes about myself.

So where do I fit into The Lecture Room team? Primarily, I am responsible for…most things really :-S  Having fun with the online marketing at the moment – any excuse to p*** about on the internet 😀  Fortunately for me, the team trust I’ve picked up enough marketing knowledge to steer us in the right direction. The current trend towards social networks and new media marketing have also made this post perfect for a student who has spent many hours procrastinating on Facebook and YouTube. No, this doesn’t mean you should all switch to marketing programmes! This does mean, however, my fate is very much in your hands. As I’ll be stealing all your blogged thoughts and converting them into clever marketing campaigns :-P.  In addition to ‘Inception’ style plagiarism, I will also be blogging about anything you want to know, need to know and a few things I just want to complain about. Hope you all enjoy!

*More profiles to be added. The rest of the Team’s just a bit shy – all together now… AWWWWW.