Surviving Shared Accommodation at University

by Gemma you can find me here 🙂

I’m probably not the right person to put pen to paper on this subject, considering most of my flatmates HATED me (I have no idea why)! I was the PERFECT flatmate *Angelic face*

But if you are moving into student accommodation in September, hopefully this basic list of survival tips will help you to enjoy the experience a bit more than I did.

1. Be considerate of your flatmates!

As obvious as it may sound playing your music until 3am on a Sunday morning isn’t going to go down well with everyone.

2. Having a problem with a flatmate? Tell them!

Living with strangers can mean you may develop problems about noise and cleanliness etc.  The best thing to do is go straight to that person and tell them! oscar-the-grouchThe sooner they know about the issue they will most like try to prevent it continuing. If the problems continue then you should take it up with your halls rep or the management.

3. Tidy up after yourself!

This is what I didn’t quite understand about my flatmates they would go into the kitchen make themselves something to eat and leave the mess for someone else to clean. Sorry the last time I checked we are all young adults and I didn’t come to university to play anyone’s mum!

4. Hide your food!

I have heard so many stories about missing bits of food I have now lost count. If you are lucky enough to have locks on your cupboards but everything thatyogi-bear doesn’t need to go in the fridge inside and lock it away! Prevention is better and all that. Leading to my next point…

5. If you want to borrow something JUST ASK!

It is really simply to knock on the person’s door and ask “Can I borrow your _____ please?” But make sure you wash or replace it afterwards.

6. Create a cleaning rota

Depending on what your flatmates are like, try to devise a cleaning rota for communal areas like the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets. It just makes life easier and helps maintain a level of cleanliness for something you all have to use.

7. DON’T DO IT! 

warning-signI’m joking. Living in student accommodation can be real fun but follow my tips to make the experience as easygoing as possible.

Living in student accommodation is one of those things that can either go really right or really wrong but it teaches you how to share with others.  It will also help you decide who you want to live with the second year in shared housing.

I wish you all luck!

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