Top Ten Student Survival Foods

by Danny Be.

It’s the beginning of December.  Your student loant is almost completely gone.  You’re precariously close to the edge of that [arranged] overdraft.  But you need to eat, right?

The following list of items you should  make sure to have tucked away in the corners of your cupboard and that part of the fridge where the light-bulb is 🙂 My ten survival foods are versatile, very widely available and most importantly, CHEAP.

1. Bread.  Even when  times are good and the bursaries are bountiful, bread is always a good go-to  – when short on time and culinary skill.  When posed with what to put between two slices of bread, your imagination sets the limit.

2. Milk.  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cereal, porridge – ALL pretty crap without


milk. So make sure you don’t run out 😉

3. Cereal. Is there a better 3AM snack than a bowl of Frosties?  I doubt it!

4. Eggs.  Omelettes, pancakes, scrambled eggs, French toast etc. As cheap as they are, eggs are undoubtedly the Swiss Army knife of the food world.

5. Beans.  Beans on toast might just be the most common of all meals when at uni.  Appropriate any time of the day, or night, and proven to be quite delicious with cheese! 😀

6. Noodles.  Super Noodles, Pot Noodles, plain noodles.  Also, noodles serve as a great side dish.

7. Rice.  Just like noodles, it’s easy to make and can accompany near any meal you can think of.

8. Pasta.  Just like the rice and noodles.  Spaghetti Bolognese was a staple of my first year menu.

9. Squash.  Orange, blackcurrant, summer fruits.  A nice, cool (and cheap) glass of squash compliments any meal you decide to eat like a dream.  A bottle of squash is perfect to have in your cupboard should your money

starbucks-my-blood-type-mugdry up.  Spice that tap water right up!

10. Tea/Coffee.  A better way to start the day?  There is none! And caffeine in any form will be in demand once exam revision and essay deadlines roll around.

Hope you find my list of some use 🙂 Would love to see what some of you come up with!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Student Survival Foods

  1. Why must a student’s diet seem so dull? I once budgeted (not as a student) and got myself a whole week’s lunch for £4 – £4.50.

    A packet of peppered mackerel (£1.20), a bag of 5 bagels (89p), bag of salad (99p) and hot pepper/sweet chilli sauce (99p). Toast your bagel, spread your chilli sauce on one side or both (depending on how hot you like it), flake your mackerel onto your bagel, add salad and top with other 1/2 of bagel. You can even split the bagels in two and use as a snack option. Mind you, I don’t eat much so this option is subject to an individual’s hunger levels and stomach size – haha.

    However, I do agree with the noodles option. Try adding a dash of soya sauce, thinly sliced carrots, stalks of broccoli, onion and shredded cabbage and wallah!, a vegetarian noodle stir-fry!

    If you want healthy options (fruit & veg), use the markets instead. It’s much cheaper, especially when you make friends with your local fruit & veg sellers and butchers. 😉

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