Tuition Fees: Do Your Part

The picture below aids as the introduction to this blog post. Anyone bearing a different opinion is barbaric if you ask me *shrugs*. Even a hermit couldn’t turn a blind-eye to the much discussed deceit by the Liberal democrats… erm I mean proposals for reform. As you may have guessed, I am firmly against these proposals for reform. I find it very hard to grasp any benefits that could arise from the extortionate increase in higher education fees but certainly welcome any discussion that could help me do so.

The liberal democrats will be facing the consequences due to arise from this for a very long time. It is unlikely that the lib-dems would have ever been able to form part of this coalition without the student support gained from their now meaningless pledges. Seemingly, issue is not taken with the unavoidable prospect that will follow; becoming a dormant third largest political party for another 100 years. This blog post is not at all disputing the fact that labour is largely responsible for this mess we are in (not the deficit the “ConDems” like to bang on about but the tuition fees). Some will remember the uproar the introduction of tuition fees caused in 96-97. Let’s also not fail to mention that Labour appointed the Browne’s Committee in the first place. Predictions of consequential fees similar to those under the proposals failed to dissuade labour from going ahead with the plans.  The stance that higher education is a personal benefit to the individual undertaking the degree, is one that is WRONG! An educated workforce is one that benefits all, both for economic and social reasons – China being a prime example.

I watch with great agitation as the offenders attempt to justify the criminal nature of these proposals. It usually starts with “the economic mess labour left us in”. *Yawns* A recession experienced all over the world, surely Gordon Brown is not responsible for those as well? “You won’t pay anything upfront” Please correct me if I am wrong in saying we are not expected to pay anything upfront under the current system. “We are lowering barriers for entry into higher education” Of course you are! Hordes of students will apply to University now that debts have tripled. “We have increased the threshold from 15k to 21k”. How very proportionate, debt almost triples yet the threshold goes up by six whole grand, impressive -_-

The conservatives and Lib-dems have really shown their true blue colours. The ulterior motives behind these proposals are highly disturbing and undoubtedly take into consideration the benefits to their inner circle. Undeniably this will tackle the effects of devaluation of degrees that many graduates are now facing in their search for a job. But, as the introduction points out ‘Education is a right, not a privilege’, and if the government is seeking ways to combat market saturation of degrees, they should be bold enough to say so and cease using condescending arguments. I am not endorsing Ed Milliband’s alternate graduate tax either, which in my opinion is patronising and identical to the much feared plans – merely different terminology. I am in favour of heavily subsidised higher education for those capable of taking on the venture. The current system is perfectly fair as students bear great responsibility for their educational expenses. Arguments that this country can no longer afford the current system is fishfood. Bring back the troops and half the problem is solved. Don’t be persuaded that reform will at all benefit you. I hope this blog post has set you to thinking and you do your part. You have until Thursday…..

Baroness P


-I do not pose to be a political or economical expert, I am merely voicing opinion

-The lecture room is in no way by posting this blog endorsing my personal opinion

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