Halloween Horrors: Essay Referencing

It’s October, Halloween is just round the corner! Get ready for another ‘SAW’ movie – what number are we on now?? O_o – and endless campus pranks. But we’re students, there are only a few things that really scare us; number 1 being impromptu visits from the parents. Not too far behind lies our ultimate fear


I DREADED IT, you’ll dread it and the guy sitting next to you with his forehead smothering his keyboard is probably wishing he was dead. If you feel like playing hero/heroine in this horror story, sit down and pay attention. With any luck you’ll be able to rescue the guy next to you from his self-inflicted torture chamber.

1. Ignore the current economic situation, in academics the US remains the one super power. HARVARD REFERENCING, as far as universities are concerned, is the ONLY way to refernce. Your uni will have a pdf, word document or slideshow of some sort available (usually via the labyrinth that is your study portal). Do NOT stray from this.

2. COPY & PASTE every online resource link – no matter how insignificant it may seem. If you’ve got MSOffice ‘OneNote’ USE it. It automatically generates the hyperlink for anything you copy and paste from a web page. Best thing about this program? It saves automatically! – so no need to worry about you falling asleep and the laptop shutting down without you having saved your notes.

3. THE RECOMMENDED READING list can act as your “overdraft” when/if you’re reference list is a bit shy of the required amount.They’re recommended for a reason. You only need to borrow a few words from the text for it to qualify.

4. NEIL’S TOOL BOX. If you were Popeye, this would be your spinach. If you were Scooby-Doo, this would be the biggest box of Scooby-Snacks you’d ever laid your animated eyes on. When in complete and utter dispair head to Neil’s Tool Box. Input all the relevant info in the simple form provided and it arranges the reference in ‘Harvard’ format for you!

Hope I saved a life,


6 thoughts on “Halloween Horrors: Essay Referencing

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