Couldn’t Get In to a University? – Well done!


Am I adding insult to injury?.. No! Am I disregarding  those who successfully confirmed their place in Uni?… Maybe. The point that is being made is that YES University can propel students into their lifelong career dreams HOWEVER it is important to note that University is not the only institution out there!!

university-overcrowdingThe way university is going these days, I can easily compare the institutional idea to battery chicken farms; stuffing them into crowded cages  “to meet our needs as chicken lovers” – replacing chickens with bright-eyed, optimistic students and stuffing them into universities “to improve education and employability standards of the country”. But has it??

For those who could not even make clearing, I know exactly what you are thinking, “what am I suppose to do with my life now?”

Guess what? I AM IN THE SAME POSITION. Only difference is I have a receipt…sorry… I have a degree and am in more debt than you can imagine. So, more or less, you are currently better off than I am!

University is not the only way to secure a successful career or even a successful life. In fact, in some cases university can SLOW DOWN your progress. As an example, let us have a look at the career ladder model for accounting provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountant in England and Wales (ICAEW)…

If you decide to study for Association of Accounting Techniques (AAT) to Associate of Chartered Accountants (ACA) rather than going to Uni to study for ACA, you would became a chartered accountant a year earlier than a university student!!! This means you automatically earn on average an extra 26K on salary more than a university student and save at least 20K+ of possible debts from academic studies!!! (providing your company pays for your qualification and studies)

Am I making sense now??  GOOD!

Here are a few alternative options to consider for A-level students, Uni graduates and drop-outs:

Qualifications and Short Courses

There are many courses out there, as previously mentioned AAT is one of them, the only problem is you must know what you want to specialise in to pursue such courses because they are tailored to a specific profession.

You can also learn the tricks of trade, become a plumber or an electrician etc. Such skills will never die out whether recession is here or not. Take advantage of the courses out there for such trade, but please do not take advantage of us by quoting ridiculous prices for small jobs like turning a screw!

Become an investor: sick and tired of going to betting shops winning only a few quid here and there… why not jump into a classy suit, sit in an office or at home and do the same thing!! There are plenty of courses out there to equip you with the skills and qualifications required to undertake such a profession. If successful, you will have carved out a prosperous future for yourself without the steep start up cost attached to university routes.

There are many other professional qualifications that you can study for after completing A-levels, so make yourself aware of those and fast track your career.

Travel and volunteer!!!

student-travel-gap-yearThere is so much to see and do in this World it is UNBELIEVABLE and someone has to do it right? Here is an opportunity (especially for those that can’t be asked to go uni and parents are on your case to do something in life) to experience, understand and embrace new ways of living and gain valuable experience that can go a long way!

Seeing a traveller that volunteered on a CV makes it much more interesting for an interviewer. Employment has also become more global, therefore large multinational companies, as well as the ones seeking to become multinational, would love to see such experience… Being a bartender or a doorman in Malia does not count so do not put that on your CV please!

Start your own business

driving-seat-speed-racerThink about it, if everyone came out of education looking for work there would be no employers!… Then what?

How about becoming your own boss for a change. Raise your level of responsibility, park your butt in the driving seat of the economy and grab the steering wheel! – whilst the minions change the engine oil and realign the tyres.

Find out what it takes to manage and take charge of a business idea. Learn the  processes of acquiring funds, networking, establishing models and logistics. Challenging? Yes. Impossible? No!key-to-success

P.S. I was thinking about listing companies that provide information on those alternatives but thought, “wait a minute, there’s Google” So use it!!!

Rex (follow me! 🙂)

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t Get In to a University? – Well done!

  1. In fact aside from doing an apprenticeship there are some not-for-profit organisations that seek to partner A-Level students with City giants for example the Brokerage. This is the time people, who could just be the Bill Gates’ and Kanye Wests of tomorrow. Check out Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, you will realise you not attending university does not necessarily mean you as far from succeeding as you think.

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